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The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow is suitable for tilling, light tillage and seedbed preparation.

The towable harrow can be run on fi elds without having to be lifted at headlands, thus signifi cantly improving work effi ciency. When operating a disc harrow coupled to the tractor lift arms, a signifi cant percentage of the total work time is spent in headlands and corner turns, which requires the harrow to be raised off the ground.

The towable KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow is run in rings and its towability also allows for operation on curves. As a result, its total work availability is superior to that of a comparable harrow coupled to the tractor lift arms. The disc harrow is either constantly in its working position or supported on its rubber rear packer, so that the tractor’s rear wheels will not exert excessive ground pressure, as normal harrows coupled to the tractor lift arms do. This prevents soil compaction.


The disc harrow’s heavy-duty, open and nearly uncloggable construction ensures the effective mixing of straw and plant waste into the subsoil. Fixed, solid rubber packers are mounted at the rear of the machine and the working depth is adjusted with hydraulic working discs. The working depth can be adjusted between 0-15 cm and the disc transport height is 30 cm.

• Side disc depth adjustment
• Properly designed scraper for keeping
packers clean
• Running lights on all machines
• Hydraulic working depth adjustment
• Hydraulic drawbar
• LED front and back lights
• ‘Slow moving vehicle’ warning triangle
• Working depth scale


KIVI-PEKKA is also suitable for use in turf tilling. Indeed, it was designed to function in all kinds of conditions. Turf tilling differs from stubble tilling in that turf tilling requires two passes and place greater demands on the machinery. If the turf is removed chemically, it will soften as its dies, thus making the tilling considerably easier. Tilling turf that is growing is also possible. In order to make the tilling of growing turf easier, the turf should be quite short in order to keep the amount of soil mass being tilled and mixed to a minimum.

Larger diameter packer (800mm), for more effective operation in wet conditions.

Hydraulic front planer with their own hydraulic cylinder. Front planer are fi tted with 80 x 10 springs, which include 150 mm blade fl aps. These make contouring the fi eld surface and levelling ploughed areas easier.

The secondary harrow works automatically together with the disc working depth adjustment, but can also be locked out of the way in its up position. The secondary harrow provides the fi nishing touches for a good seedbed during seedbed preparation. When tilling, the secondary harrow is used to spread straw stacks, thus making subsequent work phases easier.

A smooth disc for extremely deep tilling is also available as an optional accessory.

A sowing unit and frontal hay tines for the supplementary sowing of turf is also available.



Towable 4.5 m and 5.5 m wide KIVI-PEKKA disc harrows
are suitable for the spring and autumn tilling of large areas. The machine’s two-piece frame can be hydraulically folded, thus making the transport width only 2.85 m. Its working depth can be adjusted hydraulically, even during tilling. The working depth is changed by rotating the disc arms, thus changing the ground contact angle according to the working depth. A large-diameter and load-bearing 800 mm rear packer comes standard.
The machine is supported by four large-diameter rear packers, each with its own bearing assemblies. The two centre packers are used for transport. The machine can also be raised off the ground when working in the fi eld, supported hydraulically by the two centre packers. This is done, for example, at headlands and when the working depth does not need to be changed. The gross weight of the heavy-duty KIVI-PEKKA 5.5m disc harrow is 4,675 kg (850 kg/m). Extremely wellsealed and reliable SKF bearings are used in the discs.
DH 275 DH 350 DH 400
Working width cm 275 350 400
Weight w/ stand. equipment kg 2200 2800 3200
Weight kg/m 800 800 800
Power requirement 80-100 hp 100-120 hp 120-150 hp
Disc diameter mm 510 510 510
Number of disks 2 x 11 2 x 14 2 x 16
Disc spacing cm 25 25 25
Work output ha/hour 2,25-4,5 3,0-6,0 4,0-8,0
Rear wheel assembly Packer 586/800 Packer 586/800 Packer 586/800

Standard equipment:
• Hydraulic drawbar
• ‘Slow moving vehicle’ warning triangle
• Working depth scale
• Rear packer scraper
• Side disc depth adjustment
• LED rear and front lights
Optional accessories:
• 800 mm solid rubber packer
• Hydraulic front planer
• Secondary harrow
• Extra weights
• Smooth discs
• Front harrow
• Sowing unit


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