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The KIVI-PEKKA ROLLER 70 is designed to withstand the strain of working on rocky fi elds. The specially-designed heavy-duty rubber packers do not sustain any damage when striking stones and soften impacts on the bearings. This eliminates the damages normally sustained by roller discs and bearings. The KIVI-PEKKA ROLLER 700 produces a normal, even rolling result, pressing stones at the surface back down into the ground.

The ROLLER 700 is comprised of three sections. The machine is raised and rides on the transport wheels for transport. The wings fold up hydraulically into the transport position and are pressed down in the working position with a pressure accumulator, ensuring even ground pressure over the entire working width and allowing the machine to following the surface contours of the fi eld. The machine can be fi tted with Front planer or hay tines to enhance its versatility. The roller presses the seeds into the ground, thus signifi cantly improving their germination. The roller also presses surface stones into the ground.

The pneumatic sowing unit can be fi tted with a 300-litre or 500-litre seed tank, with 8 feed outlets running to the roller. A sowing unit with an 800-litre seed tank has 16 feed outlets.

The hay tines and pneumatic sowing unit allow for effective turf restoration and supplementary sowing. It is also excellent for sowing other fi ne seeds. The hydraulically- operated front tines, which are arranged in two rows, carefully open the fi eld and ensure that the seeds have excellent contact with the ground. The roller presses the seeds into the ground.

The hydraulically-operated front planer ensure the effective levelling, scraping and clump breaking of tilled soil. Ideally, the KIVI-PEKKA ROLLER 700 will level ploughed areas, thus even eliminating the need for other tilling phases before sowing. The front planer smooth out any irregularities and the roller compresses the surface to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.



The rubber-coated packer is designed to withstand impacts and work in rough conditions. This makes it possible to signifi cantly increase working speed and effi ciency in a variety of conditions as compared to conventional rollers.


The ROLLER 700 is comprised of three sections. The machine is raised and rides on the transport wheels for transport. Pressure accumulators are used to provide an even pressure on the packer and fl exibility between the wings. The durability of the rubber packer allows for a higher working speed.

Sowing unit

APV sowing unit PS 300 or PS 500 (litres), with an electric fan or PS 800 with a hydraulic fan. The machine comes with sowing wheels for large and fi ne seeds.

Control box

The control box comes with a Finnish menu selected and a speed sensor in the roller packer for measuring speed. Seed control is done automatically according to the running speed.

Options available for front hay tines (two rows)

Front planer

Working width cm 700 700
Power requirement from 70hp from 120hp
Hydraulic blocks 1×2 act. 1×2 act.
Transport width mm. 2950 2950
Packer diameter cm 540 540
Number of tines 71/54kpl 0kpl
Tine spacing 100/65 (mm) 250 (mm)
Number of springs 0kpl 28kpl
Weight 3080kg 3160kg


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